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Latest Edition: January 2016
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Quality Improvement Matters Newsletter
Quality Improvement Matters is a publication of the Wyoming Flex Program. It provides monthly updates to all CAH QI staff so you can stay abreast of program changes, funding and training opportunities, as well as the latest news about QI within Wyoming and throughout the U.S.
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General QI Tools & Information

QI Implementation Guide
This guide is intended to help CAH staff structure and support QI efforts, as well as identify best practices and strategies for improvement of MBQIP measures.
These tools support QI program development and activities.

This tool supports the use of the Plan Do Study Act model for QI

This toolkit supports the development and implementation of new and existing QI programs and activites. It has an overview, clinical quality measures, & QI methodologies.
HRSA QI Toolbox
QI Prioritization Tool

An Excel based resource that can be used by CAHs to help prioritize QI efforts

MBQIP Monthly a newsletter from the Rural Quality Technical Assistance Program (Stratis Health) and TASC
MBQIP Monthly
This monthly e-newsletter highlights current information about the national Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP), and provides CAHs with information and support for quality reporting and improvement..

MBQIP - General

National MBQIP Website
The TASC team has a website that is dedicated to support Flex Programs and CAHs with MBQIP reporting and QI. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, let us know.

MBQIP Reporting Deadlines
This table has current and upcoming MBQIP reporting requiremends and deadlines

MBQIP Measures Fact Sheets
This set of fact sheets provides an overview of the data collection and reporting process for MBQIP measures.

Reporting Dates/Deadlines
MBQIP Fact Sheets

Maneuvering MBQIP Measures 101
An overview of MBQIP & the Measures

MBQIP 101 Slides
MBQIP 101 Recording