Quality Health Indicators

All MBQIP measures (CMS and HEN/HRET as well) are included and accessible within QHi for data tracking and reporting. Any measure that is reported to CMS using the CART tool can be automatically uploaded into QHi.
Stratis Health has adopted their EDTC tool used for MBQIP so data can be reported monthly for QHi data tracking and quarterly for MBQIP reporting. An auto data upload option for EDTC measures should be ready to use in late January 2016.
The Wyoming Flex Program fully funds WY CAHs' use of QHi.
QHi is a web-based CAH quality, financial, and performance data collection, tracking, reporting and benchmarking tool. There are over 200 measures: about 100 quality and patient satisfaction and 100 performance/financial/operational. Of these measures, 8 are considered to be core measures  - 4 quality and 4 financial/operational. All QHi data are entered monthly.
The four core QHi quality improvement measures include:
  • Healthcare Acquired Infections per 100 inpatient days
  • Unassisted Patient Falls per 100 inpatient days
  • Readmissions witin 30 days - all causes
  • Return ER Visits with Same or Similar Diagnosis
The four core QHI operational improvement measures include:
  • Benefits as a percent of salary
  • Staff turnover
  • Days cash on hand
  • Gross days in accounts receivable

Reporting with QHi

QHi has several reporting features and tools so you are able to easily and quickly create reports reflecting you hospital's data and/or comparisons to other CAHs' data. Types of reports include:
  • Dashboard reports (shown)
  • Excel reports (for any and all measures)
  • Auto reports (data in graphs or charts that can be auto-emailed to staff on a regular basis)
  • Best practices report (comparison of hospitals' performance and your ranking
Semi-monthly WY QI Roundtable meetings include updates and information on QHi reporting, tools, and resources.

QHi  & QI Training

QHi is based out of the Kansas Hospital Association. Their team provides regular QI and PI training webinars that are available to all QHi users. Training sessions are also stored and available on demand on the QHi website. Back to the Basics webinar - aimed to teaching users how to use the tool - are provided semi-monthly.
Using QHi to Report HIIN Data
Using QHi to Report HIIN Data - Video
All HIIN measures are in QHi. You can report your HIIN data through QHi as indicated in the link above. For more information and technical support related to the HIIN, please contact Shanelle VanDyke.