Tools, Resources & Training: MBQIP - Outpatient

CART Info and How To


CART Basics
How to navigate CART.

Patient set-up/Abstraction and import/export.

Data Abstraction Training Series
Created by Stratis Health

Inpatient Data Submission: Export/Upload - How To Guide 2018
Locating CMS Specifications Manuals (13-min)
Basics - Slides
Locating CART (9-min)
Basics - Video
Outpatient AMI Measures, OP2, 3, & OP5 (23-min)
Outpatient Data Submission: Export/Upload - How To Guide 2018
Outpatient Chest Pain Measures, OP5 (20-min)
ED Throughput Measures, OP18 & OP22 (19-min)
Inpatient Influenza Vaccination Measure, IMM-2 (18-min)

Population & Sampling
Where and how to enter data when you have no patients that meet the criteria for their inclusion but want to get credit for reporting.

Population and Sampling How-To

Outpatient Measures

OP-27 Reporting
What to report & how to report it.

OP-22 Reporting

OP-27 vs IMM-2
What are OP-27 and IMM-2 and how are they different?

OP-27 vs. IMM-2

Op-22 Overview
OP-22 How to Submit
OP-27 vs. IMM-2 Video
OP-27 Information